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Core Subjects:

The core subjects of our curriculum are essential skills that your child will need to master in order to prepare him or her for the rest of their future. As a result of this, much emphasis and importance is placed on your child's development in these key areas. To reflect this, the core subjects are allocated a specific time during each week at school.


To ensure your child's future success, we aim to encourage and improve their use of language in a variety of contexts. What is more, we anticipate that they will leave us with a love of literature and language in many forms, and will be able to express their thoughts clearly and fluently in both written and oral forms. English is taught through the daily literacy lesson.  

For further information on the school's approach to teaching phonics and reading please follow the link.


Our aim is that your child will become a confident independent reader with a love of books - we know that children should develop the ability to read, understand and respond to all types of print.   


Your child will be taught a broad range of language skills, including spelling, grammar, writing, and punctuation. They will be encouraged to write both imaginatively and factually, with much of the written work being done in other subject areas.

For further information on the school's approach to teaching spelling punctuation & grammar please follow the link.


Maths will be essential in almost every problem that your child has to solve in their daily lives. We aim to ensure that your child will develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and to learn to use it with confidence, pleasure and understanding. Their knowledge, skills and understanding in maths will develop as they use it in practical activities to solve relevant meaningful problems and to explore the patterns and relationships on which mathematical concepts depend.

Numeracy evening Power point links: Reception  Key Stage 1   Lower Key Stage 2  Upper Key Stage 2

Numeracy evening worksheet links: Reception and KS 1 (Division)  Reception and KS 1 (Multiplication)  Upper Key Stage 2


The teaching of Science for your child will be based, as far as possible, on the immediate experience of their own environment. They should acquire the skills and attitude that enables them to observe carefully and systematically and find patterns in observations, to note similarities and differences, to make generalisations, to set up fair tests and devise simple experiments and to use tools for a planned purpose.


All our classes have a good supply of up to date computers and printers. There are 3 interactive white boards in KS 1 and KS 2. We also have an excellent range of software that covers both the requirements of the National Curriculum for IT and which also support other subject areas. We know the vital role that computers will have in your child's life and we will ensure that they become confident and able users of technology and its various applications, including e-mail and the internet.